We grow and sell first cutting, second cutting and construction hay. Our hay is suitable feed for rabbits, goats, horses and cows.

The King Farm offers tractor repair and field services like plowing, harrowing and mowing.

In 2014, The King Farm is proud to announce a partnership with Brix Bounty Farm. Derek Christianson and crew will be farming on about 10 acres and bringing a whole new experience to the farm!

Keeping with Tradition

Honoring Our Heritage

While we understand it's important to keep up with the times, at The King Farm we also understand that farming is of and for the ages, and in stride with that, we try to consistently Honor our Heritage while providing the best products and services we can.

Our Products:

  • Brix Bounty Vegetables
  • Feed Hay
  • Construction Hay
  • Field Stone
  • Cord Wood
  • Equipment Repair
  • Farm Restoration Services

The King Farm

Building on Brix

In an effort to build the best farm we can to provide our friends, neighbors and customers with the best products and experiences we can, we are incredibly proud to announce a partnership with Brix Bounty Farm and the Christianson Family!


In an effort to diversify, we are proud to offer King Farm Custom Cards and Crafts made to order by Amy King.